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Published: 16th February 2012
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Reasons why Affiliate marketing Marketers Need to have Pretty Link Pro...

Pretty Link Pro is a Plug-in for Wordpress blogs. It's a superior up grade to the free Lite Version. You will be have the ability to develop simple, unforgettable links which you and your customers will remember. Absolutely no more long, forgettable hyperlinks. It provides Your actual OWN short links from longer urls. It enables an individual to cloak, keep track of, organize, share as well as see virtually all of your own links on your own domain plus server Additionally...

  • Affiliates will be have the ability to manage plus individualize their particular internet affiliate url.

  • It Monitors web 2.0 promotions

  • Mask/Cloak Web addresses To Protect Your Affiliate Earnings

  • It Monitors web 2.0 promotions

  • It measure the results of Pay-Per-Click ads

You do not have to use or other link shrinking service. This Wordpress blog plug-in is certainly far more than just any mere URL shortener or Affiliate Link Cloaker

Each time you apply other link shrinking services you are usually redirecting your own customers to your blog however , you really are creating url links to his or her's internet domain but not the one you have.

The minute a person use Pretty Link Pro to cloak your personal hyperlink, Search engines gives you a higher Page rank as well as generalizes your personal brand submitting more visitors to your own website since the inbound links tend to be going to your own site.

This unique link shortner is a really good tracking system for your articles plus banners. You are able to view the outcome of your current marketing at once. The url shortner is in fact great for using on Facebook plus Twitter. When you connect to Twitter or facebook your site is going to own your individual Pretty Link inside it; again linking it back again to your personal site.

Pretty Link Pro Will Help you save Time - Capital - Effort

  • -It plugs right in Wordpress blogs

  • It downloads and sets up within a few minutes

  • It's completely automated with Twitter

  • It's fairly simple to start using

  • It helps anyone to improve similar things

  • View the actual success of your marketing or advertising promotions right away

  • Virally distribute your own individual inbound links just by copying your personal sites - just as well as every one of your own Internet affiliate backlinks within just a matter of minutes

  • Optimize your personal website.

  • Andů It's Cost-effective

In case you might be working with the automatic tweeting feature on your own weblog you'll be able to send a tweet each and every single time that you publish your blog post. Your actual post will probably be posted at once with your company's shortened web link.

Pretty Link Lite as well as Pretty Link Pro Versions

The Lite Version disappeared from the plug-in repository since it didn't abide with a , seemingly undocumented rules which doesn't allow plugins to cloak links. This had not been the sole plugin being affected by this guideline modification. eliminated practically all plugins from the repository which granted users to cloak their web addresses. The Pro users are NOT wind up being subject to this change.

Even though no longer helps cloaking, The Lite Version will still have the ability to do brief (307) and also permanent (301) redirects. If you don't utilized cloaking, you aren't going to end up being seriously affected from this transformation at all.

Nearly all of the other features happen to be nearly all nevertheless there and work great. This modification had been necessary to continue to keep Pretty Link in the repository.

I can not think of a thing which Pretty Link Pro needs that will make it better and significantly more effective!

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